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UC Davis Olive Oil is made for connoisseurs seeking rigorously pure, intensely fruity and astonishingly fresh oil. For our bottled olives, we begin with high-quality fruit, cure them in brine, and then add spice to create one-of-a-kind gourmet flavors. The body products, including lotions, lip balms and soaps, are made to the same exceptional quality standards as our other products and provide natural luxury body care.

The UC Davis Olive Oil story begins with the campus’s numerous heritage olive trees. For years, olives littered walkways and bike paths of the UC Davis campus. Falling from the campus’ 1,500 trees, they were a safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists, and a headache and a maintenance cost for university groundskeepers who had to clean up and dispose of the oval-shaped fruit.

Then in 2005, UC Davis administrators had the novel idea of harvesting the fruit and making a limited quantity of extra-virgin olive oil for the public to purchase. The UC Davis Olive Oil won gold medal awards at the nation’s largest olive oil competitions and, on campus, reduced tree maintenance costs by an estimated 66 percent and eliminated liability claims.

Additionally, the wild success of the Olive Oil Program inspired the creation of the UC Davis Olive Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science in 2008. The center, which brings together UC Davis academic experts with industry and the public, has already influenced the world’s understanding of the olive industry and helped consumers make more informed choices.

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